Modular Cabin Mock-up Göttingen (MKG)

The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) DLR Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology has been operating the Modular Cabin Mock-up (MKG) at its Göttingen site since October 2019. This large-scale facility allows scientists to experimentally investigate the performance of novel ventilation concepts for passenger cabins.

Optimisation of energy efficiency, air quality and thermal comfort

The focus here is on optimising energy efficiency, air quality and thermal comfort under realistic conditions in terms of fixed and transient thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. There is currently a growing emphasis on ascertaining air quality characteristics, for instance by recording the age of local air or gauging contaminant removal effectiveness. Moreover, the results of experimental investigations are a necessary prerequisite for the validation of numerical simulations of interior airflow in passenger compartments and cabins.

The modular structure of this large-scale facility makes it possible to replicate large passenger cabins, for example from aircraft or trains, at their actual size and to integrate different ventilation concepts with a high degree of flexibility. So far, scientists have installed a passenger area with 100 seats arranged in 10 rows to represent a modern long-haul aircraft. Realistic thermodynamic conditions can be simulated for experiments based on zonal temperature control to enable testing under fixed and dynamic environmental conditions. Along with investigations using thermal mannequins to simulate passengers, the MKG's structural design provides scope for studies involving test subjects.

Experimental evaluation of new ventilation concepts

The MKG enables the experimental evaluation of new ventilation concepts with the potential to make energy and weight savings without neglecting the thermal comfort of passengers. Investigations carried out using the facility help to address climate goals agreed for commercial aviation and the transport sector in general. The large-scale facility gives DLR the opportunity to meet the targets set out in the EU's Clean Sky 2 ADVENT project, enter bids for future projects and plans and handle queries from industry.


Volker Speelmann

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Daniel Schmeling

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
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