Mar­itime Se­cu­ri­ty

Maritime safety and security are of great importance to the Federal Republic as an export-oriented country. DLR makes an important contribution to increasing maritime safety and security. The maritime industry benefits not only from the authorities and public institutions, but also from the innovative solutions provided by DLR's security research. Both globalisation and population and economic growth have multiplied the number of shipping movements for the transport of goods and tourism. In addition, the oceans serve as a diverse source of resources and as an important location for offshore wind fields. This has resulted in a dependence on the maritime space that is hardly apparent to many people today.

DLR is addressing the issues of maritime security in an effective and synergetic way. The maritime system must be seen as a network of often critical infrastructures. These pose many challenges in terms of a safe working environment, secure transport routes, efficient and safe shipping and a marine environment that is as unpolluted as possible. With its research network for maritime security, DLR is contributing towards the implementation of the Federal Government's National Masterplan for Maritime Technologies (NMMT) and the Maritime Agenda 2025 of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) in close cooperation with industry.

Civil maritime security research at DLR covers topics from the aeronautics, space and transport research programmes that are directly related to maritime security matters:

  • Terrestrial and space-based communications and navigation
  • Airborne and space-borne monitoring of the maritime environment
  • Big data analysis, data intelligence and knowledge discovery
  • Continued development of flight systems for maritime applications
  • Development and improvement of sensor technology for maritime aspects; and
  • Maritime cyber security

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Stephan Brandstetter

Coordinator Civil Security and Dual-Use
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Linder Höhe, 51147 Cologne