Space Ex­plo­ration

Space Exploration
DLR Space: Space Exploration – PLATO


Space exploration focuses on the formation and evolution of the Solar System and fundamental questions about the origin and existence of life in the universe. Planets, dwarf planets,  moons, asteroids and comets are being carefully examined and explored by means of highly sophisticated remote sensing and innovative in-situ missions  to answer three fundamental questions:

  • How do planets and planetary systems form and evolve?
  • What makes planets (and moons) habitable?
  • How can we identify life on other planets and moons?

Of particular interest are potentially habitable locations such as Mars and certain moons of Saturn and Jupiter. The search for, and subsequent analysis and characterisation of, exoplanets and their planetary systems are also important elements in DLR’s space exploration activities.

The results contribute significantly to a deeper understanding of planetary evolution, of our origin and our direct cosmic neighbourhood, but also of the complex interplay of geosphere, atmosphere and biosphere of our home planet, which is essential for the continued existence of life.

DLR’s world-leading scientific and technological expertise have seen it become a respected partner in many international space exploration missions.