Space Trans­porta­tion

Space Transportation – CALLISTO
DLR Space: Space Transportation – CALLISTO



The research and development activities carried out by DLR in the Space Transportation programme aim to improve existing launch vehicles, pave the way for future systems and ensure that they continue to be competitive in the international markets served by both private and commercial launch providers. This aims to guarantee the German national government, the EU and ESA independent scientific and economically viable access to space in the future.

Key contributions are the investigation and development of new technologies and operating scenarios, with a particular focus on reusable launch systems throughout their full product lifecycle.

Major fields of research

  • Materials research: ceramic materials, lightweight structures, new and innovative manufacturing methods
  • Propulsion systems and propellants: solid/hybrid propulsion, new (green) liquid propellant alternatives
  • Aerothermodynamics: attitude control, thermal management during atmospheric re-entry
  • Numerical simulation: simulation-based design verification, use of Artificial Intelligence, integration of new and extended IT infrastructure and methodologies
  • Design, operation and management of test facilities: validation of simulation results using experimental data