25. September 2015

DL­R­magazine 146/147 - Sum­mit flight in the Mid­night Sun

In the latest edition of the DLRmagazine 146/147, you can read two fascinating live reports illustrated by impressive images and encounters with interesting people. The cover story, ‘Summit flight in the Midnight Sun’ tells the tale of a flight campaign conducted by DLR’s Falcon research aircraft across Iceland and Greenland, where a new laser instrument, a wind lidar, was tested. Wind data collected from high atmospheric layers will make weather forecasts more accurate in the future. Our second live report features MAPHEUS-5, a sounding rocket with materials physics experiments on board - investigations were conducted during six minutes of microgravity. And there is more! Researchers share more than just their daily scientific work with us - a microscope specialist tells us about his passion for photographing not just materials, but wild orchids. You will also be able to read about a materials researcher who is working on a social project involving the production of prostheses using 3D printing, the blueprints of which are available online free of charge.

This edition of the magazine is very special, revealing a brand new design. But not everything has changed - as always, upon subscription, it is delivered to your home free of charge. Subscribe at: www.dlr.de/magazine-sub

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