27. September 2019

DL­R­magazine 162 – Shar­ing the sky

Sharing the sky - Future air transport raises new safety questions
Fu­ture air trans­port rais­es new safe­ty ques­tions
Credit: DLR

Future air transport raises new safety questions

When freight drones and air taxis use ur­ban airspace, they will have to share it with the ex­ist­ing users. How can the safe­ty of trans­port users and peo­ple on the ground be guar­an­teed? DLR is re­search­ing a man­age­ment sys­tem for air trans­port with manned and un­manned air­craft.

What's new this autumn? The DLRmagazine it certainly is. The cover article, 'Sharing the sky', explains the need for new regulations in a changing air transport system in which  manned and unmanned aircraft share airspace. The article explains the measures that need to be taken to achieve this and showcases DLR's research in this area. And on the ground, road transport will become increasingly autonomous. Here, safety is a critical issue. As such, the article 'Safety first' presents the research and development issues that DLR is working on to ensure safe road transport.

Next, in 'A tale of two Thomases', we met with two award-winning technical vocational trainers at DLR Stuttgart before the start of the new training year. They are well aware of the value of experience, pedagogical skill and state-of-the-art equipment. They convey a special message – work should also be enjoyable and fun.

This issue also presents the seven new institutes and facilities currently being established by DLR. A double spread features an overview of where they are and what they are doing. Also new – the Virtual Product House in Bremen. In the ECOMAT research and development centre, DLR aeronautics researchers have found a home where they can work directly with partners from industry and regulatory authorities. Together, they want to make their vision come true – bringing new aircraft designs to certification virtually, without having to conduct numerous tests and flight trials. The autumn magazine also features news from planetary research and Earth observation, and the museum review introduces an unusual combination – 'Technological marvels in a place of worship'.

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