eROSI­TA mir­ror mod­ules

eROSI­TA mir­ror mod­ules
Credit: MPE.

eROSITA mirror modules

The sev­en iden­ti­cal, par­al­lel-aligned mir­ror mod­ules of the eROSI­TA space tele­scope col­lect high-en­er­gy pho­tons and con­verge these to X-ray cam­eras. The in­stru­ment is ex­pect­ed to dis­cov­er around 100,000 new galaxy clus­ters dur­ing its mis­sion.

The seven identical, parallel-aligned mirror modules of the eROSITA space telescope collect high-energy photons and converge these to X-ray cameras. The instrument is expected to discover around 100,000 new galaxy clusters during its mission.

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