Po­si­tion of the CDA

Po­si­tion of the CDA
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute.

Position of the CDA

This im­age shows the po­si­tion of the Cos­mic dust An­a­lyz­er (CDA) on the Cassi­ni probe. The de­vice can be ro­tat­ed by 270 de­grees us­ing a mul­ti­phase mo­tor that con­sumes a max­i­mum of five watts, at a ro­ta­tion speed of 10 de­grees per minute.

This image shows the position of the Cosmic dust Analyzer (CDA) on the Cassini probe. The device can be rotated by 270 degrees using a multiphase motor that consumes a maximum of five watts, at a rotation speed of 10 degrees per minute.

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