November 23, 2016

DLRmagazine 151/152 - Is there in robots no beauty?

David the robot is characterised by his clear-cut design. Its purpose is to emphasise his capabilities and avoid any confusion about his limitations, explains his designer, Tilo Wüsthoff. The DLRmagazine 151/152 – No voice, no mouth in 2016 profiles the designer, who has a somewhat atypical job at DLR. The issue also spotlights the theme of precision, for example the high-speed chase for signals on the rail tracks between Rome and Naples on board two Italian express trains. And great precision was also required during a test to demonstrate how ultralight aircraft can manage without heavy landing gear. Such tests that involve an aircraft touching down without any landing gear are dependent on precise information, in this case positional data. Environmental monitoring is equally reliant on clear information. An information system 'made by DLR' provides government authorities in China with data on water quality in the Yellow River Delta, securing the livelihood of local farmers. What mobility will look like in future, however, remains unclear. But to shed light on the matter, DLR Braunschweig has a virtual reality laboratory for automated and networked driving. Readers will learn more about what this laboratory is geared up for in part one of the 'Glorious Giants' series. Finally, we visit the Helicopter Museum in Bückeburg and round off this issue with our usual book reviews and recommendations.

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