July 17, 2018

DLRmagazine 158 – All for one, and one for all

Twenty-six million horsepower lift a 300-tonne giant into the sky. The image of the lift-off of the Soyuz launcher on 6 June 2018 is even more powerful if you imagine the three people sitting close together inside the capsule on top of the launcher. They are embarking on the 'horizons' mission. A special team, but another special team on Earth ensures that this stay on the International Space Station is a success. Six of the women and men who usually do not make the headlines are featured in the DLRmagazine 'All for one, and one for all'. The team on the ground combines the ability to look at the bigger picture with carrying out their individual tasks while taking into account the work of the other participants. This is an essential factor for success, especially when exploring new territory. DLR researchers are also tackling big tasks such as the transformation of the energy system. Here, thinking across boundaries is a must. One of DLR’s cross-sectoral projects is dedicated to the fuels of the future. Eleven institutes and institutions are working together on this.

In the meantime, with the InSight mission, researchers have their eye on the Earth's neighbouring planet. They have sent a 'mole' to Mars, which, upon landing in late November 2018, will burrow five metres into the surface and investigate its thermal properties. This is a masterpiece of space engineering, which started out as just a vision – and a courageous decision. The founders of EOMAP also needed courage when they took the initiative to become self-employed 12 years ago. Their goal was to provider more knowledge about water using Earth observation data. The magazine interview with the founder, accompanied by impressive images, showcases their success. Courage, a vision, thinking outside the box – read about it in our summer magazine. We also have some tips for trips during the holidays: The Matterhorn in the Gasometer Oberhausen, the Rosetta exhibitionin Vienna or Ars Electronica in Linz are just the places to visit.

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