The DLR Quantum Computing Initiative (QCI)

The DLR Quantum Computing Initiative: Together towards a quantum computing ecosystem.
The logo of the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative

Quantum computers are versatile tools based on the principles of quantum mechanics and will play an important role in research, industry and business in the future. Nevertheless, they require further research and development before they can be used commercially. In order to facilitate effective technology transfer, research institutions must work closely with industry and business.

To accelerate this process, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) is providing DLR with 740 million euros over a period of four years for the development of quantum computers in Germany. To this end, DLR is bringing together research institutions, start-ups and other partners from industry with the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative (QCI). This close cooperation between industry and research will see the development of the necessary industrial basis and economic environment for German quantum computers. Approximately 80 percent of these funds will flow directly into industry.

All information on the current status, projects and prototypes can be found on the QCI website:

DLR Innovation Centres in Ulm and Hamburg

Die DLR Quantencomputing-Initiative (QCI)
The DLR Innovation Centers in Ulm (left) and Hamburg

DLR has established two innovation centres in Ulm and Hamburg for the joint development of quantum computers. Here, it makes cleanrooms, workshops and laboratories available to its industrial partners. These innovation centres bring together DLR research projects, industry, start-ups and future users of quantum computers. As the quantum computing ecosystem emerges, there is also ongoing exchange with other consortia at both national and European level.

The quantum computers built within the framework of the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative will be made available to DLR institutes and interested external partners via the DLR Quantum Computing Platform. With this close link between scientific research, industry and business, DLR is supporting Germany on its journey to a leading international position in the field of quantum computing.