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Quantum technologies

Investigate ultracold quantum gases in weightlessness
Quantum technologies in space – but also for use on Earth. In the Bose-Einstein Condensate and Cold Atom Laboratory (BECCAL) project, DLR is working with NASA to investigate ultracold quantum gases such as Bose-Einstein condensates on Earth and in microgravity on the International Space Station (ISS).

Where classical technologies reach their limits, quantum technologies open up new possibilities for research, industry and business. New sensors, simulators, communication networks and computers with previously unattainable performance are made possible through the harnessing of quantum mechanical effects.

Thanks to intensive research conducted at DLR and elsewhere, quantum technologies are on the threshold of commercial use. These technologies include:

  • Quantum sensors that are so sensitive and precise that they can detect the magnetic field of an atom or the smallest subterranean gravitational deviations,
  • Quantum simulators that enable the exploration of complex molecules and exotic states of matter in the laboratory, facilitating breakthroughs in fundamental research and the targeted development of new chemicals and materials,
  • Quantum imaging, which can be used to visualise ultra-fine and extremely sensitive structures in fields such as medicine and biology,
  • Quantum computers, which can be used to solve computational and optimisation problems that are unsolvable using classical computers, with benefits such as significant emission and cost savings in the energy and transport sectors; and
  • Quantum networks that not only guarantee tap-proof communication, but in the future will enable distributed quantum sensors, simulators and computers around the world and in space to be interconnected for even greater performance.

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