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Quanta, artificial intelligence and supercomputers – research at DLR Ulm is focusing on key technologies of tomorrow: quantum technologies for high-precision measuring instruments in spaceflight, safe and secure AI development and applications, and high-performance computing for powerful next-generation batteries. The DLR Quantum Computing Initiative is building prototype quantum computers together with participants from industry, business, start-ups and research.

In Albert Einstein's home city of Ulm, DLR is conducting research into technologies that will be important for the future: quantum technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and next-generation batteries.

The DLR Institute for AI Safety and Security conducts research on the fundamentals of AI and on application-oriented and practical AI development. Security-critical systems that are concerned with operational security and protection from attack are the focus of the methods and technologies developed at the institute. Ethical, legal and societal questions are also considered and addressed alongside aspects related to security.

Together with industrial partners, the DLR Institute of Quantum Technologies develops high-precision measuring instruments for spaceflight applications. Based on the effects of quantum mechanics, these instruments enable unprecedented accuracy and security for satellite communication and navigation.

To build prototypical quantum computers, the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative is developing necessary technologies together with industry, business, start-ups and research. Economically relevant products, services and applications for quantum computers are being developed at the Ulm Innovation Centre (IZUL).

The DLR Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics is researching togeter with the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) more powerful lithium-ion batteries, post-lithium batteries and solid electrolyte batteries. Using high-performance computers as well as quantum computers, researchers model and simulate electrochemical processes in battery cells in order to increase their performance, storage capacity and service life.

DLR site Ulm

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DLR site on the Upper Eselsberg in Ulm
At DLR Ulm, 110 employees are currently conducting research in three institutes. The focus is on quantum technologies, artificial intelligence and the modelling of high-performance batteries.




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