Earth Ob­ser­va­tion

Earth Observation – Tandem L
DLR-Space: Earth Observation – Tandem L

DLR tailors its Earth observation activities to the current and future scientific, societal, political and economic challenges posed by global processes and changes.

Earth observation using remote sensing methods is crucial for a deeper understanding of the Earth system. The procedures and methods developed at DLR for continuous observation, recording and evaluation of the Earth system can provide reliable information and applications for a broad spectrum of societal, political and industrial activities.

The focus is on:

  • Climate and atmosphere research, especially global climate change and the monitoring of international agreements
  • Environmental sciences and sustainable development
  • Resource management
  • Security and disaster prevention and preparedness
  • Mobility and urban planning

The basis for this extensive portfolio of applications is DLR’s diversity of expertise. This covers every aspect of satellite-based and airborne remote sensing: mission concepts, sensor technology, signal reception algorithms, satellite operation, payload data reception, data management and operations management, data and product development, project-oriented geoscientific research, and the provision of special user services.

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