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Pierre-François Migeotte

Pierre-François Migeotte is a Physicist (ULB-1996) with a PhD in biomedical signal processing applied to space physiology (ULB-2003). He is passionate about space exploration, astronauts and their cardiovascular health and entrepreneurship. Several years of R&D in the field of space physiology, and cardiac monitoring of astronauts in microgravity, lead him to design the Kinocardiograph: a small automated wearable system able to provide unique information on cardiac mechanical function. After building a team of young scientists with the same passion for the development of mobile digital health solutions for cardiac monitoring, he is now dedicating all his energy in making this technology available for the largest number. The same Kinocardiograph will be used by astronauts in the International Space Station, participants in the AGBRESA bedrest studies and patients with a cardiac condition requiring telemonitoring.

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Space | 17. May 2019

AGBRESA - Cardiac deconditioning in astronauts

During the AGBRESA study, we are studying the cardiac deconditioning that occurs during space flight. Together with colleagues from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Politecnico di Milano, and with the support from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Belgian Science Policy Office, we are looking at the weakening of the heart, which can lead to an astronaut fainting upon returning to gravity after a long duration spaceflight. This is a big problem for space exploration and requires countermeasures to be implemented during such missions. read more