DLR Magazine 131・132 – Anniversary in the land of the penguins

29 November 2011

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The warm shades of red in the sky above the permanent ice are deceptive. Usually, a strong, cold wind sweeps around the DLR GARS O’Higgins Antarctic station and the penguins seek shelter behind the large antenna structure. Satellite signals have been received here for 20 years. The winter edition of the DLR Magazine reports on how a small group of engineers live and work in such isolation.

The groundbreaking Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) project involves the detection of highly unusual particles from space. AMS is orbiting Earth on board the International Space Station (ISS) and is searching for evidence of antimatter. When talking with the German leader of the AMS project, Stefan Schael, it becomes clear how significant this experiment is for fundamental research in space.

This issue of the DLR Magazine offers more. How is environment-friendly flight possible? How are electric spacecraft propulsion systems and launcher upper-stage engines tested in preparation for working in the vacuum of space? And, of course, in this final edition of 2011 the reader is able to go on the now traditional excursion into the world of museums as well as find out what books are recommended.

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