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HALO Gulfstream G 550

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  • HALO im Landeanflug
    HALO during its landing approach

    The high-altitude research aircraft HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft): The modified business jet, a Gulfstream G 550, landed on 21 January 2009 at its home airfield in Oberpfaffenhofen.

  • HALO im Flug
    HALO in flight

    31 research institutes are involved in the HALO project.

  • HALO bei einem Flug 2009
    HALO in flight in 2009

    HALO is 31 metres long - of which 1.6 metres is the nose boom. It is 7.9 metres tall and has a wingspan of 28.5 metres.

  • HALO bei der Landung
    HALO during its landing approach

    HALO has a range of over 8000 kilometres and can reach altitudes of more than 15 kilometres.

  • Side view of HALO

    The HALO project was made possible by the Max Planck Society, members of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and various other scientific institutes in the atmospheric research sector. In total, 31 research institutes are involved in the project.

  • Aufwändige Umbauarbeiten im Innenraum des Forschungsflugzeugs HALO
    Extensive modifications in the interior of the HALO research aircraft

    Extensive modifications were needed to convert the former commercial business aircraft into a high-performance research aircraft.

  • Modifikationen bei HALO: Vom Business Jet zum Forschungsflugzeug
    Modifications for HALO: From business jet to research aircraft

    HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft), the new research aircraft of the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR), is complete.

    In a 20-month project, RUAG Aerospace Services have converted the brand-new Gulfstream G550 from a standard business jet into the state-of-the-art and highly specialised high-altitude research aircraft for DLR's atmospheric research activities.

    The graphic shows the modifications on the upper and lower fuselage.

The new HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft) research aircraft heralds a new chapter in the history of German atmospheric research and Earth observation. HALO is based on a Gulfstream G 550 ultra-long range business jet. The combination of range, cruising altitude, payload and comprehensive instrumentation make the aircraft a globally unique research platform.

More information and images about HALO can be found here.

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