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DLR Bremen

The Bremen site of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has been the home of the Institute of Space Systems since 2007.The institute’s work includes analysing and evaluating complex spaceflight systems for their technological, economical and socio-political viability. It develops concepts for innovative space missions with high visibility at national and international level. Scientific, commercial and safety-related applications supported by spaceflight are developed and converted into collaborative projects with research and industry.

The institute also supports political decisions in relation to national and international spaceflight strategy with these services and makes a contribution to giving Germany more say at an international level in the world of spaceflight.

The institute uses its own research into spaceflight systems technology as the basis for improving education and training of systems-technology engineers, together with various universities.

The institute’s main focus is on:

  • Spaceflight systems analysis
  • Spaceflight systems technology
  • Spaceflight applications

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