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DLRmagazine 158 
All for one, and one for all

DLRmagazine 158 - All for one, and one for all

17. July 2018

Twenty-six million horsepower lift a 300-tonne giant into the sky. The image of the lift-off of the Soyuz launcher on 6 June 2018 is even more powerful if you imagine the three people sitting close together inside the capsule on top of the launcher. They are embarking on the 'horizons' mission.

DLRmagazine 157 - A perfect duet

12. April 2018

A spectacular chase in the sky is featured in the DLRmagazine 157: NASA's DC-8 flies behind the DLR research aircraft ATRA and analyses its wake. In order to be able to successfully analyse the effect of biofuels on aircraft emissions, the ideal circumstances included low temperature and humid air as these allow clear contrails to be formed.

Cover of the DLRmagazine 156

DLRmagazine 156 - journey through inner space

30. November 2017

The inner values revealed in this year's last DLRmagazine say something about the resilience of components. But as is the case with inner values, they are not readily disclosed. The information is cleverly obtained from the material, by means of three-dimensional digital images of the pores in material alloys, for example.

DLRmagazine 154/155

DLRmagazine 154/155 - The power of salt

12. September 2017

Without solar and wind power there would be no Energiewende (energy transition). And no energy transition without energy storage. Energy storage materials store the energy and release it when it is needed. Salt could play an important role here. The new and worldwide unique test facility TESIS of DLR will research this.

DLRmagazine 153

DLRmagazine 153 - Sun at your fingertips

23. March 2017

In the April issue of the DLRmagazine, we are switching on the Sun. This is, of course, artificial and reserved for solar researchers in Jülich! The honeycomb assembly of 149 individually controllable radiator modules achieves 10,000 times the intensity of the solar radiation at Earth' surface.

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