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    Digitalisation and virtualisation in aerospace

    Scientists at the DLR Institute of Software Methods for Product Virtualization work on developing software methods and processes to model aircraft with all their properties and for their entire lifecycles within a virtual setting – from the first design to testing and maintenance.

Developing, testing, certifying and producing new aircraft is time-consuming and still carries significant financial risk, in spite of the increasing use of numerical simulation methods for individual processes. One of the cornerstones of aeronautics research at DLR is the Virtual Product – a highly precise, mathematical-numerical model of an airborne vehicle with all its properties and for its entire lifecycle. The modelling aims to make development, certification and maintenance processes faster, less expensive and above all safer. Virtual Products rely on multidisciplinary simulation methods and process chains, as well as platforms geared to the efficient use of future high-performance computers. Other challenges include the development of software methods and the management and analysis of extremely large datasets.

At the DLR site in Dresden, the Institute of Software Methods for Product Virtualization works closely with aeronautical engineers to create the foundations in information technology, engineering and software methodology needed to develop Virtual Products. In Dresden, DLR aims to pool and expand research competency in the area of software development for product visualisation, thereby facilitating the development of new methods and opportunities for continuous digitalisation.

The site and the Institute opened on 3 August 2017. Currently, there are around 20 employees. The Institute moved to new premises on Zwickauer Straße on 14 January 2019, becoming part of a highly innovative technology hub. The new DLR high-performance computer will be ready in mid-2019 and will be operated by TU Dresden. The Dresden site is therefore on the path to establishing itself as a centre of excellence for high-performance computing within DLR.

The DLR_School_Lab in Dresden

In cooperation with TU Dresden, DLR runs a school laboratory at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden: the DLR_School_Lab. Children and adolescents visit the facility to learn more about research topics in the areas of energy and mobility. Interactive experiments provide an exciting introduction to how hydrogen can be obtained using little energy; which properties new materials need to possess in order to be lightweight, stable and versatile; or how solar cells can be made less expensive and more efficient.

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