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Doing research and really leaving a mark – we offer you creative leeway and a unique infrastructure
Doing research and really leaving a mark – we offer you creative leeway and a unique infrastructure

The most exciting research projects of our time are here at DLR!

Do you want to help shape the world of tomorrow through research and innovation? Are you fascinated by Earth, aeronautics and spaceflight? Do you have one of the greatest minds in engineering and science? Then, an exciting mission awaits you at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)! We carry out research from the fundamental principles through to their applications to explore, design and implement visionary concepts. Whether you want to search for Earth-like exoplanets or develop low-emission engines, carry out research on sustainable energy supply or design modern traffic management systems – this is the place to be. We foster a respectful and inspiring work environment, in which the expertise of each individual matters. You will benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience in interdisciplinary teams and unique international networks of excellence together with industry and research. We bestow responsibility upon you early on, and offer you first class technological facilities and equipment for your research project: powerful hardware and software, state-of-the-art laboratories, a number of simulators for spaceflight, air, road and rail transport, various wind tunnels and rocket test beds, and Europe’s largest civilian research aircraft fleet.

To work at DLR you must have team spirit, perspicacity, perseverance and the determination to want to discover something truly innovative. We will support, encourage and motivate you so your ideas can become a reality and you can achieve your ambitious goals. Accomplish your mission with us – welcome to DLR!

Projects at DLR: your contribution to cutting-edge research

If you are not carrying out your own research, but want to work at the heart of science, the Project option may be just right for you: you can, for example, take over the experimental setup of a prototype for microgravity experiments or support satellite integration for an asteroid lander. Or perhaps you will develop components for medical technology, equip driving simulators, prepare measurement sensors for wind tunnel tests or monitor experiments in the solar furnace. In your work you will be using our high-performance, cutting-edge facilities and workshops. What makes DLR one of the world’s leading research institutions? That, together with our scientists, we can be sure of achieving the extraordinary level of quality that is our standard!