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High times at the data source

High times at the data source
High times at the data source

I make geospatial data accessible to everyone

My job is to make data from large satellite missions available to researchers and the public. For this, I develop web mapping services and web portals through which you can access, for example, digital elevation models, ozone concentration maps and multispectral images. Our team is continuously dealing with new data coming in from various Earth observation missions within the existing platforms. Our systems are designed for the long term, because we have an ambitious goal: to save data for eternity. The data is not only priceless for research, but also for future generations.

My job does not only offer great challenges,

but also enough flexibility to combine family and work life. I’m looking forward to my parental leave. When I come back, I'll probably work part time within the team. My colleagues have already shown that this can be done successfully.

German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD)

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